Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson: How to sustain growth in a fast-growing company

As a carrier under Singapore Airline, Scoot became one of the most successful airlines in developing logging expansion. The focus of this flight is to serve the low-cost carrier or at a low price.The airline continues to expand its business by opening new routes both in Asia and even to Europe and Australia. Surely, the success of Scoot is indeed not separated from the role of a CEO that Campbell Wilson.

The ‘Scootitude’ Man

Mr. Wilson is a corporate leader who is very loyal to the name ‘scoot’ even dubbed as the ‘Scootitude’man. He started his career as a marketing executive in at Singapore Airlines (SIA) which took part in New Zealand in 1996. Then, he was appointed Vice-President (Canada) in 2006 and then be General Manager in Hong Kong, then Japan.  In 2011, Wilson was part of initiated of launching a new low-cost carrier for the SIA Group. It was called as Scoot airline.

Best Leader on Organization

He became one of the leaders who are quite a successful special in managing the organization. He has guided the organization through rapid expansion in certain periods. Even he can inspire the employee to be productive on their working in both operations and workforce.With the right company’s approach to an employee, it can then provide a good engagement.One of the other successful secrets is to pay attention to talent management during the rapid rise to get the growth.

Agility and Efficiency Principle

Furthermore, there is a special principle that is used as a reference by Mr. Wilson namely Agility and efficiency. According to him, he is more selective in choosing an employee that only rely on the more talented course. In addition, he also continues to encourage job movements and promotions. It is so that the employee has the spirit to grow and give the best in within our organization.It is no less important, Mr. has a structured program in the organization. The goal is to grow and develop our cabin crew and other.

The Key Factor

What is the key to his success in leading the company? He revealed that employees should be invested in the company’s vision and mission. Vision must be part of them. Why is that? Thus, it can encourage them in working so that it can be more advanced and developed. Another story can visit

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