Summer Sale 2014, The Items To Buy

Summer Sale 2014, The Items To Buy

The 2014 summer balances are now on the go, the new season of discounts will start this weekend, but have you already selected the cult leaders you need to renovate the wardrobe Not yet Then let us inspire you from our gallery.

Are you missing a few days to the new season of the balances, are you ready to remake the wardrobe with the hunt for the new must must of season It’s time for the cult leaders of the summer 2014, those items and accessories that in the closet of a true fashion addicted can not be missed frame kacamata rayban super. Have you waited for them for weeks and now that balances are almost ninth you have absolutely no idea what you can or what you basically should not deprive yourself of Here are the pieces you do not have to let us run away, the ones you will have to play on bass and long files in the dressing rooms.

Also this summer, balances will begin in staggered mode starting on Saturday, July 5, and you will finally have the opportunity to take some trouble, but be aware that your list of wishes as soon as you enter your favorite stores will continue to stretch out. After years of oblivion of fashion pages, the hairdresser once again conquers the fashonists who love the casual style, not to mention the midi high waist skirts that this year are absolutely matched to the crop top. In view of the autumn or the light summer breeze that is still to be appreciated in the evenings, a true fashion addicted will certainly not do without the blazers and the printed sweatshirt to match the denim shorts, another big must have season and Wheel skirt. One of the most popular colors of the season we can wear at any time of the day and under any circumstances, which perfectly blends the trumpet cut of the pantapalazzo, one of the great returns of spring summer 2014.

But in the wake of fashion trends in the summer of 2014, we pass on the accessories, focusing on the mood of the transparencies, which once again put the list of wishes in shoes and accessories with PVC inserts. The bags in the summer also become bigger than days and micro in the evening, but there are those who prefer to focus their attention on the bauletto with a half-way design between a casual and more formal handbag that offers the right compromise in terms of space.

Looking for cult pieces to put into your wish list Take a look at our gallery

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