The 16 Lofts Most Beautiful Ever Seen

The 16 Lofts Most Beautiful Ever Seen

Renovate the attic is something very fashionable lately. Old attics return to shine, as well as attics that change the intended use. But we do not want to forget to double-height spaces with mezzanines or other projects of this kind.

To inspire you today we have collected as many as 16 lofts that we really extraordinary. Andiamole see!

Shabby chic mon amour

One of the most recent discoveries of homify, but by the overwhelming success. Styled shabby, comfortable seating as few and the privileged access to a wonderful flowered terrace have made this gorgeous loft as the small wet dream of many of us.

The upper floor

The bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs. The master bedroom is distinguished by its rustic wooden furniture. The palette of neutral colors create a relaxing environment where light and garden views are important.

A single bathroom

Finally, the bathroom is inspired by the classic combination of black and white. The highlight, though, is the granite panel that dominates and unifies the different areas of the bathroom. The glass with its transparency and lightness of the full variety of textures along with the sinuous forms of health care, which is detached from the strict geometry and the rest of the net.

The romantic mountain chalet

Wood in profusion, with a little touch of sophistication the frosted glass window on the floor, a ploy to give more light on the lower level but also to make a difference in this fantastic bedroom.

A work of art in the historic center of Crema

Most would not bet much on the fate of this attic, top floor of a building dated to the early twentieth century. Yet the chance would have it the owners were able to find suitable experts not only to bring back to life the home, but also to enhance it to the point to turn it into a small work of art, and in every sense.

The little dream on the roofs of Paris

In just a few square meters for this Parisian attic, of course, but that sophistication! The space has been optimized to provide maximum functionality between the roofs of the French capital, historically problematic about housing prices and sizes.

The breathtaking attic

This attic is dominated by pastel shades but there are touches of color more vivid. The result is a lively environment that transmits positivity! Note also the structure of the room,

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